Bruce Bherman

singer songwriter/soundscraper




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AKR records presents a new album ‘Chameleon’ (released as a vinyl 12-inch, including a free cd). This 8th production was cut fairly quickly and impulsively. The album is divided into an acoustic and an electric side and guitarist/drummer Tim Coenen along with sound engineer Géraldine Capart, was brought in to supervise the proceedings. But even though the recording process was swift, one cannot help being struck by the album’s rich sound palette and its abundance of musical ideas.

‘Chameleon’ could easily be perceived as a synthesis of 45 odd years of popular music. Discerning listeners are likely to recognize a wide frame of reference in the songs. The music ranges from the American Westcoast sound of the sixties (Love, Jefferson Aiplane, The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers…) to the Belgian avant-garde jazz of Flat Earth Society, but Bherman and his friends always deal with their influences in a playful and casual manner.

Guests are: Leni Morrison (Dublin, NY) and the ‘Boys in Belgium’ band: Gianni Marzo, Tim Coenen, Geert Simoen, Kristof Roseeuw, Bart Maris en Bart Delacourt. 

Dirk Steenhaut