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Bruce Bherman

singer songwriter/soundscraper



Dad/Mom/Sister listened to, respectively Monk, Garner & Peterson / Jim Reeves, Nat King Cole and Johnnie Cash / Johnny Halliday, Sylvie Vartan & Paul Anka. (Dad was an ex-RAF engineer, Mom a warmhearted housewife and my sister, heu... my sister).
After a quick Beatles/Shadows/Ventures stint, I got more (this thru art school) into Zappa, John Martyn, Beefheart, Bert Jansch, Roy Harper, Nick Drake and Pentangle. I've never had a huge record or CD collection, always begged, stole and borrowed. In 2009, recordings had an upswing when collaborations and recordings started with Nashville greats.

2011 was a very fruitful year ( 2 singles, recording sessions in Nashville with the McCrary Sisters and the Nashville string machine, 5 flights back and forth to the US, Santa Cruz guitars 35th birthday bash in California, The Arlington Guitar show in Texas, etc.. ) and 2012 even looked more promising with a release of the Live-DVD recorded at the AB in Brussels, with Nashville Tony Crow and Marc Pisapia on board.

2013 was a year filled with pre-productions > two acoustic solo albums and a total Nashville album with top Nashville musicians. 2014, solo-acoustic album nr.1 released, ‘Acoustic Movies’.


Guitars, airplanes, art, architecture, nature and travels. Indeed.

Bruce Bherman is a singer songwriter, a painting/drawing individual, a frequent ‘Europe-NYC-Nashville’ flying traveler and a guitar aficionado deluxe.Since 1999 his backcatalogue consists of 9 albums, 3 vinyls, an amalgam of singles and a published book with 114 drawings!

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